The Wedding

Wedding Day  August, 2008

Wedding Day
August, 2008

We two, have found each other…
Different, yet alike
We have grown together in love and understanding.

August 2008

I can’t believe how nervous I am. Everything has been prepared and people are rolling in. Some of our family have been here a couple of days, and others are just arriving. We’ve been preparing for this moment for a very long time and I’m still feeling ill prepared.

There are tents pitched and campers set. We’ve got a couple of canopy’s set up for food and drinks. I can hardly wait for the Margarita’s. There’s a glitch with the sound system, but it got resolved quickly.

Both of our mothers were able to make the trip. They are both elderly, my mother in her 90’s and my husbands’ mother in her 80’s. It means so much for them to be here. Both of us wishing our fathers could be here, but both have passed on. My father is the one who introduced me to the beauty of nature and I would love to be able to show him that even though I didn’t get any of his traits like his black hair, olive skin or his brown eyes, I did get his love of the woods.

Although not everyone could make the trip here to the Rollin’ Rock everyone that did walked away with a little more understanding of why we love it so much. The woods is not for everyone and neither is a rustic lifestyle. Some of these guys won’t even go to the bathroom while they’re here. They’ll wait until they leave and get back to the city because they won’t use the privy. Our privy is probably the finest in this county, but what do they know, they’ve never used one, or only used a bad one. We don’t have running water either. We carry all of our water from the city. It’s a hassle, but a well is too expensive for us to drill. Maybe sometime in the future.  This truly must seem like a restrictive environment for a city dweller who rarely leaves their block. No electricity, no running water, and no flush toilet! Until we can move forward and make improvements, we will make due with what we have in the mean time. The people here today who know us well and love us, understand this and will tolerate the inconvenience, or lack of conveniences,  just for the glory of the moment.

About rollinrock01

Skinner Lodge is an off grid cabin located in a family compound called "The Rollin' Rock" located in beautiful central northern Michigan. Purchased in the spring of 2007, the Rollin' Rock is a work in progress and continues to develop on a weekly basis. We are currently developing our simply grown produce and homegoods business here called "Growin' North". We were pleased at our first years success at the local farmers market and are excited to grow and expand for the upcoming year.
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